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About Andevalo Bio

AndevaloBio is an experienced team made up of agricultural engineers and organic producers of different varieties of citrus fruits (clementines, oranges, tangerines, etc). Our production is divided across several landscapes, each with a specific climate, which allows us to both anticipate and lengthen the production cycle, with production running from the beginning of September to June.

Our decision to produce organic citrus was a process that arose naturally, an evolution from our beginnings using conventional methods, where our way of working was already very respectful to the environment. This, coupled with our commitment to continue innovating and developing, has allowed us not to accommodate ourselves, but to take another step and look for new professional and personal challenges through organic production. The entirety of our farms are 100% ecological.

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Professional research and Development

Something that characterizes AndévaloBio is the commitment to quality, improvement and continuous learning as a way of working. Here we present some of these moments.